“The Storm Before the Calm” – a chapter from SIMON’S SONG – by N.L. Kumalo (VIDEO TRAILER)

SIMON'S SONG Cover PicStorm Before Calm

Click to watch the Video Trailer (a boldPIGEON presentation)

N.L. KUMALO is a Canadian writer, emcee and thinker, born to Zulu parents in Apartheid South Africa. As a shaper of culture, Kumalo manifests his deft skill in many forms. Drawing from the experience of his own evolution as immigrant, student, d-boy, inmate, artist, N.L Kumalo is a creator whose work is animate and enlightened.His intellect and soulfully articulate voice soar and sweep in from the fringes of the Canadian Story Untold.

“The Storm Before the Calm” is a chapter from Simon’s Song. A novel by N.L. Kumalo, in development as a serial release on boldPIGEON.com

Click to read the complete chapter – “The Storm Before the Calm” from Simon’s Song by N.L. Kumalo .

For More from N.L. Kumalo, keep watching the boldPIGEON.

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