IMG_1513-672x372Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.15.59 PMCLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE “PAYIN’ HOMAGE”EP

Years ago, the good people at Honour Rebel Society were trying to circulate the idea of having the man known as Theology 3 run for Mayor in the Toronto Municipal Election.

According to all accounts, the Freedom Writer’s member and man who coined the term “Screwface Capital”, wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Which is too bad, because it is interesting to imagine Theo having got the chance to deliver the lyrical smack down on the Ford Brothers, if nothing else.

Though he might be a dedicated community worker and tireless arts educator, there is no doubt, as an emcee Theo 3 is a monster and a bully.  Bar after bar he demolishes rappers, the ignorant, and ignorant rappers (not necessarily in that order), while showing the intellect, insight, and ability to speak “for the people” that made those Honour Rebel folks think that an election campaign would be a worthy endeavour.

Released in November, the “PAYIN’ HOMAGE”EP is newest addition to what is an already extensive catalogue. Download it by CLICKING HERE now.



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