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Clothes Don’t Make the Child

“Dear parents….who told you, you needed to be your child’s friend in order for them to grow. Who told you that letting them have relationships was best for them? Who said allowing your daughter’s to wear mac instead of showing her beauty was love. Did back pack companies close and Michael Kors take over? When did bundles replace bubbles and lashes instead of pencil? Dear parents when did living through your child become the new lick then throwing your daughter’s to the streets once she’s taken some…. listen if being a “new aged” mom is what’s the best then I guess we have failed our children.”
Courtesy of ~Chevy Nicole Lewis


That’s not much more for me to add. Well other than countless examples of Instagram pics posted by parents proudly displaying their life sized, Gucci and Prada babies for all the digital world to see. Have we really become this superficial? This materialistic? Are we so image based, that even our children are unknowing victims of our own visual insecurities?  Perhaps this could be chalked up to another generation gap scenario. Maybe I’m too long in the tooth to properly chew and swallow what you modern parents are selling.  Turning your children into mini “yous”, as if God’s gift came in a box with a plastic window and the words “Your Baby” emblazoned across the front. But this is the wave right?  Well I guess I’m too old to surf then. I’ll often look at these pics and remember a time in my late teens, early 20s, when I was at my clothing obsession peak!  In those times, all my summer earning at my Dad’s place had gone to FUBU, Adidas, and Helly Hanson jackets. And I was making pretty good money at that age, so you can imagine how much Champs and The Bay was making off my summer factory sweat.  But I remember one time, coming home and my mother watching me come in with yet another shopping bag in my hand, with a look of disappointment on her face. I figured she was saddened at my waste of money, when she shook her head. I was partly right. She said “you don’t know how I wish I didn’t dress you guys up in all that clothes when you were kids?” I almost asked her why but I already knew the answer.  Her disappointment wasn’t in me as much as it was in herself. She felt like she started me on that path of image means everything way before the Sprite commercials.  That she contributed, if not planted the seed in my head that clothes make the man, the man don’t make the clothes.  And though I’d never blame my parents for my actions, I can see where her theory makes sense.  Perhaps her innocent attempt to make sure I had more than she did, started me on my fashion fixation. Many years and many many wasted shoe dollars later, I finally get it.

I get that we all want to give our kids more than we ever had.  I don’t even have children and I can fully understand that ideal.  But sometimes giving them more of the material is taking away from building their character.  No one is saying to dress your children in Stitches and Giant Tiger garments.  Shoot even I don’t think I’d do that….no wait, I might! Lol.  But I wouldn’t tell others to follow suit, but come on people!! Some of you are running your household like a daycare meets America’s Next Top Model!!  Does your 2 year old really need a purse from Burberry mom? And Pop does lil Aiden really, really feel comfortable with that big old Hermes belt buckle holding up his diaper?  I hope as much attention is paid to Junior’s spelling as it is his name brand jeans. And I pray Princess knows how to add 1+1, before she knows what red bottoms are.
But hey I don’t have kids right so what do I know?  I don’t know how to swim either but I damn well can tell you how to drown!


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