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Originally recorded for District Six Records, back when District Six Records was still a thing, and worked out at King West Studio (when that was still a thing) with the help of engineer mastermind Shaun Christie, thin.KING. SOON COME.  features production by Junia T, Cypha, Royce Birth, cello work by Nic Carlino,  and some harder to classify 8-track gems from i.james…. like this one…

LET OUT – i.james.jones (t.K.S.C.)

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Every few years, someone around the ideaFACTORY would get fed up and approach i.james.jones about releasing the “lost record” thin.KING. SOON COME.

Methods ranged, but none prevailed. Every time it seemed like it would come down from the shelf, it somehow managed to keep its dusty place. Jones calls it his “lost record”. Some off us call it his “cursed record”. (As one bP co-conspirator declared “it is cursed, cause he believes it is cursed”. It may be so).

thin.KING.SOON COME. was recorded during his time with the now defunct District Six Music (Zaki Ibrahim, Tumi and the Volume, Tanika Charles), …his Parkdale era.

Heard in total, it is portrait of an artist pulled, stretched even, but not scattered. Honest, reflective, angry and clinging to love. Perhaps with hindsight it is also easy to see how it foreshadowed the depression and reclusive time that would follow it.

On a record with some incredible big studio work by Shaun Christie at King West Studio, our favourite joints around the office certainly remain the 8-Track intrusions that poke and jab at the polish of the main body.

Perhaps none better than “LET OUT”.



“Child Support” – KUMALO

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 4.04.24 PM

N.L. KUMALO seems on a path to become the most interesting man you will ever know.

Currently re-vamping his epic novel “Simon’s Song”, and re-mixing his “Tunnel At The End Of The Light”Ep, while working to illustrate some projects for the BP KIDS… Kumalo pays the rent chefing it up in one of Toronto’s more popular kitchens.

The man and his story are  captivating.  So to are the stories he weaves when he puts on that thinking cap and works to give form to the ideas and characters that occupy his ever active brain.

“Child Support” is an amazingly vivid picture of too many modern relationships. Written/Produced and Performed by N.L. Kumalo.

The video came about while we were borrowing some office space in a Rehearsal Factory.  The challenge became, what could we accomplish with a cell phone, an old version of iMovie, and a few hours.






BAD BOY DUBS PICScreen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.35.24 PMToronto based production duo STAGGERQUAKE are Monsters. The only thing that could stop them would be some brizzaro other version of themselves. (Which is, somehow… in a comic book kind of way,  not altogether unlikely).

Click to see”BAD BOY DUBS” gets the boldPIGEON treatment. Watch It Now.


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LAST NIGHT AN 8-TRACK SAVED MY LIFE (pART one) – “Dark of Night” – i.james.jones

2014-07-21 18.25.59dark of night - ijames LAST NIGHT AN 8-TRACK SAVED MY LIFE                                               click to watch – (pART ONE – “DARK OF NIGHT” ) – i.james.jones. Many will recognize i.james.jones. for his work as an emcee, most noteably as one half of the duo The Names Are Known. Some may even be familiar with his involvement as drummer for the mysterious Toronto City Riot. But far too few have had the opportunity to take in the sounds of his solo work. Waiting to be found within his now extensive archive of lost albums and unreleased passion projects is the series the boldPIGEON is proud unveil as LAST NIGHT AN 8-TRACK SAVED MY LIFE. Originally intended as an album of lo-fi singer/songwriter gems, LAST NIGHT AN 8-TRACK SAVED MY LIFE is a departure from i.james’s released material, as he leaves behind the bars for uniquely crafted, moody and introspective compositions which disregard traditional song structures to create pieces which sneak inside the listeners consciousness and transports them into the world of an artist pealing back the layers of bravado and conventions of his recognized material to create a sound that is emotionally true and daringly honest. Recorded entirely on 8-Track at the WayOut (his former home in Parkdale, Toronto), during a period i.james describes as “saturated with reclusive madness” pART ONE – “DARK OF NIGHT” features Jones on guitars and vocals in a mode that is sure to surprise fans of the emcee. Take in the video (a boldPIGEON Presentation) and download the song for free at For More from i.james.jones. KEEP WATCHING THE BOLD PIGEON. – boldPIGEON.COM KEEP WATCHING THE BOLD PIGEON

Twisted Metal In Motion – SPECIAL EDITION 2014 Video (a boldPIGEON presentation)


Click to watch the Video (a boldPIGEONpresentation)

It is hard not to find inspiration in the work of  Twisted Metal in Motion designer Erin Ademoglu.

Her bold, yet elegant pieces weave metals and the industrial feel of a steam-punk style with the power and beauty of the natural world, while embracing and re-imagining the enduring symbology of the human existence.

Based in Toronto, Twisted Metal in Motion offers thoughtful and intelligent statement pieces without the grand expense (think $18 to $30).

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