Perhaps we are too awake to dream.

We have all dreamed as kids. Ambitions of being firemen, joining the police force, or even being a superhero were a natural part of our youthful existence. Some of us simply want a family, to be a mother or a father one day and raise dreamers of our own. These dreams tend to drive us for a great portion of our adolescence. Often growing bigger and stronger than a tree when planted in fertile soil. Immovable, due to that soil being our naïve and young minds. Maybe it’s that in our development years we are still somewhat asleep. I don’t mean literally, although that may be true, because we sleep a lot more as children, which probably contributes to this theory, but figuratively. Our eyes are partially closed to the world at large.

Especially to the negativity, to the idea that some things are impossible. Or that gender, color, race, and economics are obstacles we can’t overcome. We don’t even fathom these to be rules at those ages. I mean I used to tie a bed sheet around my neck and believe I was as strong as Superman and could fly. It was only my parents’ strong Jamaican accent telling me “Stop the foolishness!” that would wake me from my cognizant slumber devoid of reality. We benefit from not really knowing what is expected of us, gain from the lack of practical responsibility, and thrive from simply not knowing that it’s possible to fail.

So we fly, we pretend, we imagine, we play, and we have fun with our lives. To us in those early stages the math is simple, if you want to run, you run! You want to jump, you jump! Oh you’re bored? Go play!

Somewhere along the lines we grow up and the simple addition and subtraction becomes trigonometry. The weed of practicality invades our mental greenhouse and blocks our dream tree from the sun until it not only stops growing but becomes almost non-existent. Whether in school where we are basically taught to defer our dreams for good careers and credit. Or at home, where our parents dreams becomes our own and our will to make them proud make our dreams become more and more lofty and sometimes unattainable. With age and responsibility we lose the fiery enthusiasm. Do you remember what it was like to fall in love with something as a child, or even as a teenager? How much you threw yourself into dancing, or sports, or drawing, or gimp!? I would spend what seemed like hours playing basketball, trying to do the same move I saw on TV the night before. Or literally days perfecting memorizing lyrics I wrote so I could rap them over the phone with my peers.

At the time I didn’t realize it but it was my ambitions, my goals, more accurately my dreams that fueled the vehicle for perfection. It wasn’t work then, it was just doing what felt right, what felt good. Eventually our dreams become similar to our physical flexibility, you stop trying to touch your toes and after a while you can barely even see them without feeling a great strain. And rather than go to the gym we grab another bag of chips and go right back to the couch. And in sets the defeat.

See the cycle? Somewhere someone gave us the idea that if we haven’t achieved certain dreams by a certain age then, quite frankly, you are a failure!! And that is simply a lie! Hence why SO many adults are walking this earth with a black cloud on a string. Carrying around their failures like a pet on a leash, who shits all over the place and not only do you not poop and scoop but you step in it and drown yourself in the crap. This is no way to live, and a sure way to die while still living! Many zombies walk this earth way before Walking Dead was scripted.

Now I’m no expert. In fact I’m writing this from the perspective of a man who has lost his dreams along the way, and I’m currently trying to find them again. And probably like some of you reading this it’s hard to believe that my desires are still attainable. Like many of you I’ve had others give words of encouragement and while I listened, inside I was rolling my eyes eagerly waiting for the conversation to be over, so I can go back to NOT LIVING. Or I’d have excuses that I was convinced were valid reasons ready to fire back in defense. I simply no longer could wrap my mind around how I was going to be an adult and fulfill my childhood ambitions at the same time. I’m starting to realize that the answer to that is in the issue.

Dream as a child and act as an adult.

A child will think of doing something and go and do that very thing immediately, without considering the consequences, but their attention is easily switched when something more enticing comes along. An adult will take their time, plan their steps and act accordingly, provided it suits their needs. You have to find a way to combine the two.

Act on your dream….NOW, while planning for the outcome of success. The math is simpler than we care to believe. The steps which are only three fold to me. Find your dream, prepare for it and then make it reality. You may not have the money to take your model portfolio pictures but you have a camera phone, and a mirror to practice every day until you get the money. You may not have the resources to start a business, but have you asked a store owner how they got started? You may want to lose a few pounds but can’t stop eating that pizza, have you joined a gym yet? We have to stop making excuses for the way we CHOOSE to live and make the CHOICE to LIVE!!

They say life is about the pursuit of happiness, but to me it’s more about the pursuit itself. Happiness comes in progression.

Dare to dream as a child but act as an adult.

Twisted Metal In Motion – Upcycled Rings


First in a series of Promotional Shorts for Twisted Metal in Motion, makers of innovative and elegant Upcycled Jewellery and Fallalery (not to mention occasional boldPIGEON co-conspirator).

For More -(Instagram) @twistedmetalinmotion or or


Originally recorded for District Six Records, back when District Six Records was still a thing, and worked out at King West Studio (when that was still a thing) with the help of engineer mastermind Shaun Christie, thin.KING. SOON COME.  features production by Junia T, Cypha, Royce Birth, cello work by Nic Carlino,  and some harder to classify 8-track gems from i.james…. like this one…

Full Circle – “Raw Feelin”

When people start to trouble you with all that Hip Hop Is Dead nonsense, feel free to point out FULL CIRCLE – STILL WATERS & BES KEPT.

Use for example the “RAW FEELIN’” video by Toronto’s multi-talented , producer, emcee, deejay, multi-insrumentalist and camera master emdee (ear2much, Toronto City Riot, Quincey’s Crate, and more) from the album INFINITE EDGES released in 2014.

If you need a reference, tell them to think – Dilla baby born to a DOWN TO ERF Session. And introduce yourself… to FULL CIRCLE.


full cirle infinite edges cover

(ALMOST) HAIKU – Marcus Markus

(ALMOST) HAIKU - MARCUS MARKUS.pngThe Glory and a Goldstar (red:yellow)

Even in a building with as many secret corners as the bP ideaFACTORY, one would be hard pressed to find a more secretive corner than the one working on The GLORY AND A GOLDSTAR by Marcus Markus.

The poet himself goes quiet and forgets his english when questioned… what is it like? when is it done? will it be ready for late spring? are you really sow.b.s.?

No answers. Just this…



LET OUT – i.james.jones (t.K.S.C.)

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Every few years, someone around the ideaFACTORY would get fed up and approach i.james.jones about releasing the “lost record” thin.KING. SOON COME.

Methods ranged, but none prevailed. Every time it seemed like it would come down from the shelf, it somehow managed to keep its dusty place. Jones calls it his “lost record”. Some off us call it his “cursed record”. (As one bP co-conspirator declared “it is cursed, cause he believes it is cursed”. It may be so).

thin.KING.SOON COME. was recorded during his time with the now defunct District Six Music (Zaki Ibrahim, Tumi and the Volume, Tanika Charles), …his Parkdale era.

Heard in total, it is portrait of an artist pulled, stretched even, but not scattered. Honest, reflective, angry and clinging to love. Perhaps with hindsight it is also easy to see how it foreshadowed the depression and reclusive time that would follow it.

On a record with some incredible big studio work by Shaun Christie at King West Studio, our favourite joints around the office certainly remain the 8-Track intrusions that poke and jab at the polish of the main body.

Perhaps none better than “LET OUT”.




When approached one day at the ideaFACTORY by KUMALO & JONES with the idea to partner in creating opportunities to develop intelligent and creative content for kids and parents… we admit to a moment of pause.

While we may admire N.L Kumalo and i.james.jones for their vast talents and curiosities, we are also aware that both artists currently sit on a back log of work both finished and under-development. The idea of enabling another creative detour brought on nervousness.

But as we sat where we sit at boldPIGEON and listened to the new fathers share their story and character sketches, an enthusiasm built in the room. Leading P.M. Kumalo (brother of N.L.) to remark “boldPIGEON – NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS IN CRAYON”

We laughed. Until said “But seriously, somebody write that down… Let’s see where this can go”.

See it start to go – check out