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Long a favourite of the PIGEON, TWISTED METAL IN MOTION’s Erin Ademoglu’s bio rings true when it states that she “weaves elegance through the wreckage of forgotten factories and the graveyards of our favourite things”.

2015 has seen her work grow, it has become more daring, more challenging, seeing increased use of recovered mechanical and electrical parts.  So to has her visibility and recognition grown in accord, appearing at PlasticWrap’s Bazzar of the Bizzare in both Fall and Winter, and being selected for the Active Surplus Gallery show at Propeller Gallery in Mirvish Village.

We look forward to the year ahead, with development of TwistedMetalinMotion.com and new stylings from Twisted’s mad styler.

And in celebration of the work that was 2015, … a boldPIGEON presentation.

– (designs available through http://www.Facebook.com/twistedmetalinmotion)


Twisted Metal In Motion – SPECIAL EDITION 2014 Video (a boldPIGEON presentation)


Click to watch the Video (a boldPIGEONpresentation)

It is hard not to find inspiration in the work of  Twisted Metal in Motion designer Erin Ademoglu.

Her bold, yet elegant pieces weave metals and the industrial feel of a steam-punk style with the power and beauty of the natural world, while embracing and re-imagining the enduring symbology of the human existence.

Based in Toronto, Twisted Metal in Motion offers thoughtful and intelligent statement pieces without the grand expense (think $18 to $30).

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