“Child Support” – KUMALO

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 4.04.24 PM

N.L. KUMALO seems on a path to become the most interesting man you will ever know.

Currently re-vamping his epic novel “Simon’s Song”, and re-mixing his “Tunnel At The End Of The Light”Ep, while working to illustrate some projects for the BP KIDS… Kumalo pays the rent chefing it up in one of Toronto’s more popular kitchens.

The man and his story are  captivating.  So to are the stories he weaves when he puts on that thinking cap and works to give form to the ideas and characters that occupy his ever active brain.

“Child Support” is an amazingly vivid picture of too many modern relationships. Written/Produced and Performed by N.L. Kumalo.

The video came about while we were borrowing some office space in a Rehearsal Factory.  The challenge became, what could we accomplish with a cell phone, an old version of iMovie, and a few hours.





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